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Morton Equipment MDE Koala Tree Shears

Crafted from high-strength steel and equipped with a replaceable blade, the Koala Tree Shears have earned global acclaim. MDE's Koala range stands out with its purpose-built heavy-duty Hardox chassis, ensuring unparalleled strength, resilience, and durability compared to other tree shears in its class. These hydraulic attachments seamlessly connect to an excavator's hammer lines. A hydraulic cylinder propels the Hardox edge through the tree, cleanly shearing it with precision. Notably, this design allows for safe placement of the cut tree. MDE offers five models with varying cutting diameters in the Koala range, catering to excavators ranging from 1.5 to 40 tonnes. Years of rigorous testing and refinement have culminated in an efficient, potent, and top-tier tree-cutting attachment. Our pioneering replaceable wing-style blade sets the standard as the first of its kind on the market.

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Key Features

  • Materials are easier handled to drop off areas

  • Easily removes trees & bushes

  • Low cost-efficient attachment

  • Improves operator’s safety

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Simple and easy to use, lowers your labour costs

  • Quick and easy to set up (aux pipes, hammer pipes)

Application Areas

  • Fast harvest of small trees, bushes and strong wood

  • Harvesting and maintenance of forestry

  • Maintenance work in the utilities sector

  • Private and commercial landscape maintenance

  • Suitable for the clearing of agricultural land

  • Maintenance of roadways, railways and canals

MDE Koala Tree Shears

Morton Equipment MDE Koala K550 Tree Shear.png

MDE Koala K550 Tree Shear

  • Excavators                           16t - 40t             

  • Weight                                  1600kg-3525 lb

  • Cut Capacity                       550mm / 21.5"

  • Oil Pressure                         250 bar - 350 bar            

  • Hydraulic Flow                   80L - 120L            

  • Width                                    13600mm-54"

  • Length                                  1615mm-64"

  • Height                                   950 mm-37"

Morton Equipment MDE Koala K400 Tree Shear.png

MDE Koala K400 Tree Shear

  • Excavators                           12t - 36t              

  • Weight                                  758kg-1675 lb

  • Cut Capacity                       400mm / 16"    

  • Oil Pressure                        250 bar - 350 bar             

  • Hydraulic Flow                  80L - 120L            

  • Width                                   1220mm-40"

  • Length                                 1400mm-55"           

  • Height                                  740mm-29"

Morton Equipment MDE Koala K300 Tree Shear.png

MDE Koala K300 Tree Shear

  • Excavators                           6t - 21t

  • Weight                                  390kg-860 lb  

  • Cutting Capacity                300mm/12”      

  • Oil Pressure                         250 bar - 300 bar             

  • Hydraulic Flow                   70L - 100L          

  • Width                                    950mm-37"

  • Length                                  1010mm-40"            

  • Height                                  590mm-23"

Morton Equipment MDE Koala K200 Tree-Shear.png

MDE Koala K200 Tree Shear

  • Excavators                           2.7t - 10t            

  • Weight                                  202kg-445 lb

  • Cutting Capacity                200mm-8"        

  • Oil Pressure                        200 bar - 250 bar

  • Hydraulic Flow                   40L - 70L

  • Width                                    660mm-26"

  • Length                                  800mm-32"

  • Height                                   520mm-20"

Morton Equipment MDE Koala K150 Tree Shear.png

MDE Koala K150 Tree Shear

  • Excavators                           1.5t - 5t

  • Weight                                  104kg-230 lb

  • Cutting Capacity                150mm-6"        

  • Oil Pressure                         180 bar - 200 bar             

  • Hydraulic Flow                   40L - 70L             

  • Width                                    560mm-22"

  • Length                                  630mm-32"

  • Height                                   400mm-16"

Morton Equipment MDE Koala Tree Shear Tilt Units.png

Koala Tree Shear Tilt Unit

  • Maximise users working ability in tight areas

  • Manoeuvre & prune branches more effectively

  • Tilt tree shear in uneven terrain on slopes

  • Stack timber in piles neatly

  • Low-cost sufficient attachment

  • Low maintenance

  • Two moving hydraulic cylinder

  • Minimal moving parts

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