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MDE stands as an innovative producer of Tree Shears, Silage Forks, Buckrakes, and Agri Buckets, situated just beyond the quaint village of Markethill, Northern Ireland. Since its establishment in 2013, Mark and Dean Belford, the founders, have propelled the company into consistent annual expansion."During our childhood, crafting our own playthings for the garden, we harbored aspirations of one day owning a factory that would craft toys for other children. Over time, our ardor for engineering burgeoned. Engineering has never been mere work or a career to us; it embodies our deepest passion!"Our focus lies in crafting tree shears, silage forks, and buckets tailored for the forestry and agricultural sectors. These attachments are meticulously engineered for excavators, wheeled loaders, telehandlers, and tractors, ensuring efficient handling of diverse materials.

Morton Equipment MDE-Scorpion S1100 Excavator-Grab.png
Morton Equipment MDE-Scorpion SX1400 Excavator-Grapple.png

The overarching ambition of MDE is to emerge as a premier global manufacturer of Agricultural Machinery and Forestry Machinery attachments, distinguished by reliability and trustworthiness. Presently, MDE's footprint spans 24 countries, reaching as far as New Zealand. We continuously endeavor to elevate the MDE brand internationally, extending a warm invitation to potential international dealers to join our ranks.At MDE, collaboration with customers and agricultural machinery dealers is paramount to refining existing products and unveiling new innovations. We firmly believe that to conceive equipment that sets global standards, we must actively engage with our customers, valuing their insights and ideas.

Koala Tree Shears

Morton Equipment MDE Koala Tree Shears.png

Falcon Push Off Forks

Morton Equipment MDE Falcon Push-Off Fork & Buckrake.png

Scorpion Excavator Grabs

Morton Equipment MDE Scorpion Excavator Grab.png

Warrior Silage Forks

Morton Equipment MDE Warrior Heavy Duty Silage Forks.png
Morton Equipment MDE Scorpion SX Excavator Grapple.png

Scorpion Excavator Grapples

Triton Silage Forks

Morton Equipment MDE Triton Lightweight Silage Forks.png

Morton Equipment
515546 11th Line  Woodstock

Ontario Canada N4S 7V7
+1 (519) 617-0934



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Morton Equipment Excavator Grabs.png
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