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Morton Equipment MDE Koala Tree Shears

Morton Equipment MDE Koala K550 Tree-Shear.png

MDE Koala K550 Tree Shear

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King of the Koala’s.


The K550 is the biggest in the Koala family. With a 20mm hardox chassis and 50mm hardox arm, the Koala 550 is no doubt the king of the Koala’s.


The K550 is one of the most heavy duty tree shears you’ll come across, weighing 1600kg. This heavy chassis ensures that it is stronger, more resilient and robust than anything else in its market category. The K550 is simple to use, connect the tree shear to the excavators hammer lines and you will have full control of the tree shears powerful hydraulic ram.


A key feature of the Koala Tree Shear design is the replaceable blade in the event it gets damaged in extreme use. Another important feature is the bolt on hitch allowing you to switch the Tree Shear onto other Excavators. Having the bolt on hitch also gives you the option to use the Tree Shear on other machines such as telehandlers, skid steers, and cranes.



  • Replaceable blade

  • Bolt on Hitch

  • Hardox Body



  • Excavators                           16t - 40t              

  • Weight                                  1600kg-3525 lb

  • Cut Capacity                       550mm / 21.5"

  • Oil Pressure                        250 bar - 350 bar             

  • Hydraulic Flow                   80L - 120L             

  • Width                                    13600mm-54"

  • Length                                  1615mm-64"

  • Height                                   950 mm-37"

  • Mounting Platform            Excavators, Telehandlers, Skid Steers, Cranes

$30.000 CAD

Morton Equipment
515546 11th Line  Woodstock

Ontario Canada N4S 7V7
+1 (519) 617-0934



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