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Morton Equipment MDE Triton Silage Forks

Morton Equipment MDE Triton 12 ft Silage Fork (2).png

MDE Triton 12 ft Silage Fork

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MDE Triton 12 ft Silage Fork


The MDE Triton was the first of the silage fork range that MDE launched back in 2013. The Triton range was designed with a hardox super lightweight chassis, thus making the Triton the most versatile silage fork on the market. Our Tritons super light weight design gives the fork the ability to work on various loaders ranging from 5,000kg right up to 19,000kg.



  • Made for use in Agricultural Sector

  • Designed for telehandlers, small wheel loaders, and large wheel loaders



  • Hinge point press in replaceable high tensile steel bushings

  • HD one piece chassis for extra strength and wear life

  • Removable see through headboard as standard

  • Wing lock in pins for road transport

  • Torque bolted hinge points

  • Bottom rounded tine wear shoes

  • Counter balance load hold valve 



  • HD One Piece Chassis

  • Bottom Rounded Tine Wear Shoes

  • Wing Lock in Pins for Road Safety

  • Hardox Chassis

  • Removable KV side tine

  • Soft Close Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Torque bolted hinge points

  • Bottom rounded wear shoes

  • HD one piece chassis for extra strength and wear life

  • 12”/300mm tine centres for easy flow of forage through the silage fork

  • 5ft/1.5m 1.5”/40mm hardox tines as standard to carry more forage up the clamp



  • Working width                   12ft / 3.6m

  • Capacity                               7.1m3

  • Weight                                  1000kg

  • Tine Length                         5ft/1.5m


  • Maize / Corn Blade ... A bolt on maize blade can be added to our forks to allow finer forage material to be handled more effectively up the clamp. Our maize blade is foldable and attaches easily to our forks chassis / tines.

  • Lighting Kit ... Lights anyone? LED lights can be added to our forks for low visibility working conditions such as: indoor pits and night work.

  • Road Transport Guard ... MDE Road Transport Guards can be personalised with your company name and come with reflective safety strips.

  • Colour Customisation ... Match your fleets wheeled loader by adding some colour to your Warrior fork.

  • Extra Tine Length (5.6ft) ... For the larger loader, the option to add 5.6ft tines to the Triton can be added. Allowing you to keep up with fast paced work environments.

  • Add Name Plate ... Let people know who’s coming by adding your name to the wings of your Warrior!

  • Removable Double KV Side Tines

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Morton Equipment
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