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Morton Equipment MDE Scorpion Excavator Grabs

Morton Equipment MDE Scorpion S1100 Excavator-Grab.png

MDE Scorpion S1100 Excavator Grab

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MDE Scorpion S1100 Excavator Grab


Efficient Material Handling Solution


The Scorpion S1100 is intended for the majority of machines, ideal for small and large scale operations. With 30mm hardox teeth, the Scorpion is ideal for general landscape maintenance, feeding mulchers, loading trailers, or separating materials. Like all MDE Scorpions, the Scorpion S1100 is designed with hardox wear resistant steel, making it extremely strong.


A key feature of the Scorpion design is the fixed position of one side of the grapple, as this allows the excavator operator to use it like to a bucket, and clamp with the other grapple. Its moving grapple can be closed in tight so it can be used for feathering through material, acting as a land rake. Another important feature is the bolt on hitch allowing you to switch the attachment onto other machines.


Equipped with two powerful hydraulic cylinders, makes it easy to clamp onto boulders and stumps and take them away. With its clamping capabilities and precise control, material are gathered easily by pinching or grabbing. The S1100 jaw opens 1275mm, allowing you to take a huge amount of material. The MDE Scorpion excavator grab is an essential attachment for operators who are clearing land with roots, debris, boulders or stumps.



  • Hardox® Teeth

  • Bolt On Hitch

  • Hardox® Body



  • Demolition projects, loading trailers, and feeding mulchers

  • Private and commercial landscape maintenance

  • Suitable for the clearing of agricultural land

  • Recycling plants separating material

  • Maintenance work in the utilities sector

  • Picking up trees and pulling roots

  • Clearing land with boulders or stumps



  • Excavators                           12t – 19t

  • Width                                    3.6ft / 1.1m

  • Teeth Thickness                 30mm / 1.2”     

  • Teeth Separation              230mm / 9”

  • Teeth Depth                        720mm / 28”

  • Grapple Opening              1300mm / 51”  

  • Weight                                  900kg  


$19.000 CAD

Morton Equipment MDE Scorpion Excavator Grab.png

Morton Equipment
515546 11th Line  Woodstock

Ontario Canada N4S 7V7
+1 (519) 617-0934



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