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Morton Equipment MDE Falcon Push Off Forks

Morton Equipment MDE Falcon 16 ft Folding Push-Off Fork Buckrake.png

MDE Falcon 16 ft Folding Push Off Fork

Morton Equipment MDE Machinery.png

MDE Falcon 16 ft Folding Push Off Fork & Buckrake


Largest Folding Push off On The Market


Introducing the largest member of the Falcon Pushoff Folding family. With 50mm Hardox® tines, a solid steel pushoff gate and being 4.8m (16ft wide), the Falcon 16ft is a silage pushing titan. The Falcon 16ft is an ideal attachment for biogas plants, as well as large scale farming/contracting operations. Its enormous size and well thought out design makes the Falcon 16ft a brilliant choice for large wheeled loaders & tractors, such as JCB 457’s or Claas Xerion’s, to maximises their output and efficiency.


The MDE Falcon 16ft is the market leader for having the highest standard specification, made with Hardox®, HD chassis, removable side posts and high tensile replaceable bushings. Pushing power isn’t an issue with the Folding Falcon pushoff with its powerful hydraulic twin cylinders will effortlessly pushoff its huge payload.



  • Hardox® Tines

  • Solid Steel Gate

  • 50/50 Flow Divider



  • Working Width  16ft / 487cm

  • Folded Width     9.5ft / 286cm

  • Capacity               11m­³

  • Weight                  2940kg

  • Tine Length         1750mm

  • Tine Thickness   50mm

  • Fork Height         1740mm

Morton Equipment
515546 11th Line  Woodstock

Ontario Canada N4S 7V7
+1 (519) 617-0934



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