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Morton Equipment MDE Falcon Push Off Forks

Morton Equipment MDE Falcon 12 ft Folding Push-Off Fork & Buckrake.png

MDE Falcon 12 ft Folding Push Off Fork

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MDE Falcon 12 ft Folding Push Off Fork & Buckrake


MDE’s smallest folding push off fork on the market.


The MDE Falcon Push Off can handle high quantities of forage material and carry it up the pit with ease. The Falcon can be used on tractor linkages and loader headstocks. All folding Falcons feature 1750mm hardox tines, a solid sheet push off gate, replaceable pivot bushings, HD chassis, reflective warning strips, and 1740mm in height.



  • Removable KV side tines

  • 50/50 Hydraulic Flow Divider

  • Hardox Tines



  • Tine Length         1750mm            

  • Fork Height         1740mm            

  • Tine Thickness   50mm  

  • Capacity               7m³       

  • Weight                  2100kg



  • Road Transport Guard ... MDE Road Transport Guards can be personalised with your company name and come with reflective safety strips.

  • Lighting Kit ... LED lights can be added to our forks for low visibility working conditions such as: indoor pits and night work.

Morton Equipment
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