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Morton Equipment Tyrone Dump Trailers

Established in 2018 and nestled in County Tyrone's engineering epicenter in Northern Ireland, Tyrone Trailers Ltd stands out as a pioneering creator of tailor-made trailer solutions for the Commercial and Agricultural Industries across the UK, Ireland, and globally. With an extensive 36-year legacy in trailer craftsmanship, our primary goal is to engineer each high-performance trailer to surpass any competition, enduring countless miles while ensuring unparalleled returns on investment.

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Driven by a dedication to innovation and excellence, we take pride in revolutionizing trailer manufacturing, crafting bespoke solutions to meet the most rigorous demands, all meticulously assembled by our seasoned team to ensure superior quality. Recognizing the importance of exceptional workmanship, we offer an array of groundbreaking trailer solutions utilizing cutting-edge components and advanced manufacturing methods to produce specialized trailers perfectly suited to their intended purpose. We remain committed to diligent work and attentive listening to our customers' needs, consistently delivering unequivocally the finest trailers available.

Tyrone Dump Trailers Inventory

Morton Equipment Tyrone 14 Ton Dump Trailer.png

Tyrone 14 Ton Dump Trailer​

  • Square body

  • 72 degree tipping angle

  • Heavy duty chassis built on boggie

  • Rocker suspension

  • 455/40 x 22.5 tyres

  • Oil brakes

  • Hydraulic drop down door

  • 4 x chaining points in floor

Morton Equipment
515546 11th Line  Woodstock

Ontario Canada N4S 7V7
+1 (519) 617-0934



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