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Morton Equipment NC Dump Trailers

NC Engineering offers a range of heavy-duty dump trailers designed to handle tough hauling tasks with ease. The 25-ton dump trailer boasts a robust construction capable of carrying large loads, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. Its durable chassis and high-quality materials ensure reliability and longevity, even in the most demanding environments.

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Meanwhile, the 20-ton dump trailer offers a slightly smaller but still formidable option for hauling tasks. With a sturdy build and efficient design, it excels in transporting medium to large loads with efficiency and precision. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for construction, agriculture, and landscaping projects.Both trailers feature advanced hydraulic systems for effortless tipping and dumping, as well as customizable options to suit specific needs. Whether you're moving earth, gravel, or other materials, NC Engineering's dump trailers deliver the durability, performance, and reliability required for heavy-duty hauling operations.

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NC Engineering Dump Trailers Inventory

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Morton Equipment NC 25 Ton Dump Trailer

  • Fabricated heavy-duty chassis

  • BPW bogie suspension

  • Central greasing system

  • Rubber mount cushioned drawbar

  • Heavy duty park brake

  • Galvanised hose & electric cable rack

  • Heavy duty single hydraulic ram

  • LED low energy lights

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Morton Equipment NC 20 Ton Dump Trailer

  • Genuine hardox 450 bin

  • 710 BKT flotation with 560 BKT option

  • Hydraulic brakes on high speed axles

  • 73 degree tipping angle

  • Downwards auto rear door

  • Sprung draw bar

  • 360 swivel pintle ring

  • Independent leaf spring suspension 

Morton Equipment
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